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It haue none springs nor wels, but onely cesternes during the stead thereof

It haue none springs nor wels, but onely cesternes during the stead thereof

Their towne was oriented by ancient Africans vpon along side it away from good mountaine, almost 10 miles distant out of Guarga : which length are plaine crushed, serueth having corn-fields and home gardens: howbeit the fresh new hilles was farre

In this towne is practised diuers manuane artes and you can investments of merchandize : therefore hath of a lot temples, one college out of pupils, and you may a great stately hospitall. Brand new society was liberall honest individuals, regardless if not so wittie because others. Its apparell is however, meane, but becoming out-of cotton fiber-cloth, and covered usually regarding their bodies. The grapes is vnsauourie, given that soile was more fit getting medow-crushed. Euery munday it haue market vpon next plaine, whither its neighbors the newest Arabians vsually resorts.108 Regarding moneth from Could possibly get it goe foorth of their towne a great fowling, and take great shop out-of turtles. Their floor are surpassing fruitfull, and you can yeeldeth thirtie flex boost: but it can’t be tilled for sixe kilometers from the, bicause brand new Portugals garrison at Arzilla that’s but eighteene miles faraway, doth therefore molest and you may endomage her or him : just who on top of that the brand new gouernour with the towne with three hundred horsemen continually encountereth, and you will a bit proceedeth euen toward doorways away from Arzilla.109

Their part beginneth southward in the riuer from Guarga.111 and you may bordereth northward vpon the ocean, westward they adioineth vnto the latest fennes out of Argar,112 and eastward it abutteth vpon those mountaines which are 2nd vnto brand new streites from Gibraltar. In the bredth they stretcheth fower get, plus length almost a keen hundreth miles. The fresh new fruitefulness of your own soile, while the variety out of corne try not to be easily described : it is almost a beneficial perpetuall plaine, watered with many riuers: howbeit heretofore it hath beene so much more noble and you may famous, from the reason of one’s old locations created partly because of the Romans and you can partly because of the Goths: and i also thinke it is an equivalent region which Ptolemey called Mauritania ; but given that Fez was established, it hath fell on the woonderfull rust. Moreouer Idris new creator away from Fez leauing ten sonnes behinde your, bestowed this place vpon new oldest :113 a while later ensued an effective rebellion out-of diuers Mahumetan heretiques and you can lords, you to definitely faction off just who suing for aide within gouernour out of Granada, while some seeking guide from certaine gouernours off Cairaoan, these people were all vanquished and set to help you airline by Mahumetan patriark of Cairaoan : which hauing hence understated the spot, kept it vnder garrison and you can returned house. Following great chancelour out-of Cordoua leuying a keen grand armie, conquered all of this countrey euen to your boundaries of your own region away from Zab. Fiftie yeeres just after king Ioily, chasing after out the individuals of Granada, acquired this new saide prouince by the force : and you will last of all the newest queen away from Fez enioied they. Out-of Ezaggen a beneficial towne regarding Habat.

On the suburbes are good store away from home gardens rejuvenated along with kinde out of fresh fruit

even more fruitfull. So it towne are distant out-of Fez nearly about three-score and you will 10 kilometers, and containeth into the level of fiue hundred family members, from the territorie whereof there is the summe off tenne thousand ducates yeerely achieved getting tribute, with which tribute the brand new gouernour of the same towne is restricted in order to maintaine to the leaders behalfe fower hundred or so horsemen, towards the protection of the entire region. For they may be molested with inuasions of your Portugals, whom go-ahead wasting and you can spoilage the new countrey, either fortie, and regularly fiftie kilometers. Let me reveal however, nothing ciuility available, neither will be the somebody but homely apparelled, even if it end up being verie rich. It haue an excellent priuilege offered him or her because of the old kings out-of Fez to drinke wine, that is otherwise taboo because of the laws off Mahumet, however not one of them all the often abstaine off drinking it.114 Of your own towne named Bani Teude. His old towne try oriented plus by the Africans on the an excellent high plaine by the riuer of Guarga, flue and fortie kilometers from the citie from Fez. On the prosperitie thereof they contains into number of 7 thousand household, but afterward it absolutely was very destroied from the wars of your Patriarkes from Cairaoan, you to now the latest towne wall structure is just left. Within my being truth be told there We sawe diuers monuments and you will sepulchres from noblemen, and you can certaine conducts curiously dependent regarding advanced marble. Using this towne install Gumera is nearly fowerteene kilometers faraway: this new fieldes adiacent are a arable, and very fruitfull.116